Data Expertise

A professional expertise supported by data

The SMS that creates value

A global support carried by
constant optimization

A connection

to Telecom Operators around the world

DV Contact technology provides a direct connection to Telecom Operators around the world.
More than 120 partnerships allow us to offer optimal technical services of deliverability

A global Support service

DV Contact teams work with you to determine the message that best suits your objectives, but also the time at which your audience is most likely to be responsive. DV Contact teams then study your campaign reports in detail to constantly optimize your SMS push sending and enable you to create value.

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Illustration of notification message to show DV Contact's ethics

Compliance & ethics

Digital Virgo is a member of the Mobile Marketing Association France (MMAF), the only association dedicated to Marketing, Advertising, CRM and Commerce on smartphones, tablets and connected objects. Digital Virgo ensures compliance with the SMS push code of ethics and supports its customers in this direction.

DV Contact deploys the best practices

An efficient solution

The DV Contact technical platform is high-performance, ensured by the quality of the physical architecture components (server, routers, firewall, etc.) but also by a high-performance oriented application design with strong functional isolation of fronts and backs.

The entire architecture is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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